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Prevention and repair of gate structural issues

Prevention and repair of gate structural issues

If you have a driveway gate or any other type of residential or commercial gate, it is good to know some tips for prevention and repair of gate structural issues. There have never been stronger and more durable automatic driveway gates than they are today. It’s made of welded, heavy-duty steel, aluminum, or cast iron.

A residential gate system is robust, but it must also withstand extreme weather conditions and be used on a daily basis. Therefore, structural problems may arise from time to time. It is possible to minimize this type of damage by being proactive. There are a few tips that can potentially help reduce the risk of structural issues with your driveway gate.

Handling Cracks and Chips

Many gate owners see chips, scratches, and cracks as minor or merely aesthetic problems. They are capable of doing much more than merely marring the appearance of your gate. Despite their small size, these blemishes can worsen with time. Gates with chips and cracks rust and deteriorate over time, weakening the whole structure. Touch up scratches and chips on your gate periodically (refer to the gate manual for recommended products).

There is a little more difficulty when it comes to cracks. It’s important to call in a qualified gate technician to perform a precise repair to restore the structural integrity of your gate if the crack occurs around hinges. Electric Gate Repair USA are here to help.

Rust Buildup Removal

Gates can become rusted over time and lose their structural integrity. It’s possible to sand and repaint rusty areas with a primer that contains rust inhibitors after sanding them. It is a good idea to prime steel gates with epoxy primer.

In addition, you should have your steel or iron gate galvanized if it hasn’t already been done. Zinc is added to metal during galvanization to prevent corrosion and rust. Rust can occur without galvanization on steel and iron. Nowadays, the majority of wrought iron and steel gates sold are galvanized during manufacture. Contact us today for more information.

Fixing a Sagging Gate

Gates tend to sag when they are structurally weak. This problem can occur with both sliding and swinging gates. Several factors can lead to sagging, including:

• There is a problem with the gate operator. You need to choose gate operators based on the size and weight of the gate. Gates that are too large and heavy for the operators may begin to sag.

• There are loose welds or damaged hardware on the hinges. If this happens, the gate can no longer be supported properly by these components.

• A support post is leaning. Whenever the support post is leaning, the gate will drag. It is necessary to reinstall unbalanced support posts.

• A movement of soil has taken place. It is possible for the gate system to become unbalanced and sag due to changes in the soil under and around the gate system.

Poor installation is largely responsible for these problems. Residential gates require professional installation and maintenance, which is why a qualified professional is essential.

Mitigation of Wear and Tear

Cracking and buckling are structural problems that often result from normal wear and tear. Many years of use can cause components to weaken. It is important to maintain your gates in order to help them last as long as possible. Here is a maintenance schedule we recommend:

• You should clean your gate twice or three times a year and inspect it for damage, rust, and track problems.

• Ensure that the hydraulic system is inspected by a professional every six months.

• You should clean and lubricate your moving gate parts according to your owner’s manual every year.

It is also advisable to have your gate system serviced once a year in order to keep it running smoothly and extend its lifespan.

Turn to Electric Gate Repair USA if you are experiencing any issues with your driveway gate, or if it needs service. We’ll ensure that your residential gate is structurally sound and operates smoothly. If you need to replace your automatic swing gates or slide gates, we carry and install them as well. Get a free quote or more information about our gate services by contacting us today.

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